The White Shirt

7-CH-1Being a student I am never going to be able to afford to buy anything from Carolina Herrera to feature in my film, but I don’t really need to anyway as it is the brand I am promoting and not a product. The brand is all about having a classic, timeless style and what is more timeless than the white shirt? Carolina Herrera herself is rarely photographed without one. So my models will be featuring a white shirt to represent and promote the brands original identity as I feel it is a subtle and effective way of getting my message of ‘elegance is the ultimate sexy’ across to the CH target market.



Who // What



Carolina Herrera is a luxury fashion brand that caters for womenswear, menswear, accessories and fragrances, covering a wide range of different markets within the fashion industry to create a potential larger customer base.

For my project I really need to nail the CH target market and customer profile to make sure my promotional film appeals to the right person. The CH customer is going to be someone who is fashion conscious and elegant who is looking for a touch of class in their clothing, and who has the capital to afford items of such luxurious quality clothing (ageing from 25-40). She segments her brand as ‘upperclass for ladies who lunch, alongside celebrities’.

Carolina Herrera herself describes her brand as a ‘lifestyle’ and says that the women who buy into it should be ‘sophisticated and classic with a modern twist’